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In case you haven’t heard of us we’re developing a brand new video sharing and social platform for creators, called stonking.
Our tech co-founders have identified a number of ways we can help creators earn more by leveraging new technological innovations.
Unlike existing platforms, our aim is to pay creators much more, and our base payout from ad revenue will be 70%, that’s 15% more than other platforms, and founding creator members will get 80%.
Of course, there’s no need to give up existing platforms, it’s all additional income. Also, in case you’re wondering about where our name came from, it has British roots and we chose it because it’s exactly what creators are, you’re stonking!
/ˈstäNGkiNG,ˈstôNGkiNG/ adjective: Informal British
  1. used to emphasize something remarkable, exciting, or very large. e.g. “Cyberpunk 2077 is a stonking game!”
Source: Oxford Languages
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If you’re a creator that’s excited about stonking and would like to chat about becoming one of our first partners then please drop us an email at [email protected], for all other inquiries please email us at [email protected] and we’ll be in touch soon.
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